Facebook tries to show you what it thinks you like in your News Feed, based on your interactions with a Page or Profile. Unfortunately, this means if you rarely “like” or comment on posts, they’ll stop showing up in your News Feed.


If you are missing posts from your favorite Pages, here are some ideas to get them back in your News Feed:


  1. Organically: Visit a Page you want to see posts from in your News Feed, and comment on or “like” a few of their posts. This will let FB know that you really ARE interested in what that Page has to offer, and cause posts to show up in your News Feed again.
  2. Notifications: Go to the Page you like best (this page, perhaps?) and click on the “LIKED” button at the top, then select “Get Notifications.” This way, you get a Notification when the page posts something, and you’ll never miss a post again!
  3. Interest Lists: These are located over on the left hand side of your Home page as a Bookmark. Click on Interests, then Add Interests, then Create List and enter the pages you want to include in the field, then follow the on-screen instructions. OR, you can do this by visiting the Page, click on the “Liked” button, select “Add to Interest List,” then add it to an existing list or create a new list.
  • Option 1 is the easiest.
  • Option 2 should be saved for the Pages you really REALLY like.
  • Option 3 is fun, because you can organize all your Like pages into their own little mini News Feed.

Happy Facebooking!!