Mobile Responsiveness is Now a Ranking Factor

What’s brought everything to a head is Google’s announcement several months ago that the user-friendliness of sites on mobile devices will become a ranking factor.



Karla Fouts Designs is a professional graphic design company with a long standing reputation for providing outstanding results. Whether it be advertising, brochure design, packaging design, corporate identity development, posters, website design, presentations or anything else that can be printed, we make sure that you’re 100% happy with the results. In order to provide you with an excellent design solution we make sure that you have a complete understanding of our graphic design process.

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Kfouts275From our early beginnings in 2000, We have offered our clients a range of services to advance their business, never wavering from our commitment to total satisfaction. Over time we have built an unparalleled reputation for accurately conveying our customer’s image and mission through carefully crafted websites, extraordinary branding and persuasive imagery.

We give you the professional quality graphics you need to successfully reach your target audience — making you, your company and your product look better. We invite you to take a look at our work, if you have any questions or need more information, please drop us a line and we would love to chat with you and even furnish a free quote for your requirements.


As a company, and as individuals, we value integrity, honesty, openness, personal excellence, constructive self-criticism, continual self-improvement, and mutual respect. We are committed to our customers and partners and have a passion for technology. We take on big challenges, and pride ourselves on seeing them through. We hold ourselves accountable to our customers by honoring our commitments, providing results, and striving for the highest quality. We deliver what we promise. Our work is based on the belief that your project must be better than all your competitors in order to produce results.


It has been The Cottage School’s good fortune to work with K. Fouts Designs over the past eight years. Karla Fouts’ ability to translate ideas into innovative websites has transformed the school’s website from a static place-holder to an interactive and vital communication link to our constituents and potential families. During the time we have worked with Karla, she has enabled our website to expand, add new functions, and implement a very user-friendly web update system. We just unveiled a newly designed site that meshes with emerging technologies such as Twitter and Facebook. We feel privileged to benefit from Karla’s creativity, knowledge, flexibility, patience, and attention to detail!

Laura J. Burdett

Director of Advancement, The Cottage School

Karla listened to our ideas and our vision for our nonprofit organization. We came to the table with no concept and one basic color in mind and Karla quickly went to work with our best interest in mind. Karla developed what has become the most exciting and intriguing designs we ever could have thought of and we are truly thankful for Karla’s talent and professionalism throughout our process. Thank you Karla!

Tiffini Gatlin and Candice Wharton

Atlanta Mom on a Mission

Karla Fouts Designs created our new website. Working with Karla was an amazing experience. She not only understood the company image we wanted, she felt it. Her combined use of imagery, imagination and creativity made the site almost tangible. Our website is not just another “site”, it is truly an experience. Karla’s talent is so much more than just the details . . Marianne H. Polk

President, Atlanta Outloud

Hi Karla:

I want to thank you for your beautiful work. You have been instrumental in the success of the many facets of our business for many years. You have such a gift for “tuning in” to the essence of our work, and helping us express it through our websites. As technology changes, you help us move our websites to the next level with such ease. I appreciate your responsiveness, and how your work is always timely. Thank you again, working with you is truly a blessing.

Laurelle Gaia

Reiki Classes

I have established an online presence, operating since 1999, working with several designers from the U.S. and abroad. I am thrilled to have K.Fouts Designs reVamping My website. Karla has talent and passion that stands above and beyond Her predecessors. She has understood the type of image and direction needed to further the success of My endeavors, intuitively implementing the perfect design elements completely in line with My vision. Consistency being Her strong point with, communication, timing, exceptional creativity, dynamic interactive resources , and a unique sense of style giving Me the edge needed to distinguish My site.

Cheyenne Mack

President, Opulent Fetish

The Drake House has been working to expand and improve upon its communications channels and the agency’s website is one of the most important components of that expansion. I worked with Karla Fouts when I was employed at The Cottage School, and because of that excellent experience, I brought her on to create The Drake House site. My expectations went far beyond fulfilled and the finished site has received accolades from all who have viewed it. Karla gets it. She captured and portrayed our mission visually, integrating technology and functionality to fashion communication at its best. Thank you Karla, for your support, creativity, friendship…and a dynamic site!

Sandy McKinney

Resource Manager, The Drake House



Mobile Responsiveness is Now a Ranking Factor

What’s brought everything to a head is Google’s announcement several months ago that the user-friendliness of sites on mobile devices will become a ranking factor. Google made the announcement in February: Starting April 21, we will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in our search results. Consequently, users will find it easier to get relevant, high quality search results that are optimized for their devices. Despite this, April 21 came and went, and nothing much really happened. At least notyet. But you can guarantee that it’s only a matter of time. The update is dubbed Mobilegeddon in SEO and online marketing circles. It’s also a big deal for businesses; in fact, it’s such an important update that it made the news in the US and the UK. TEST YOUR SITE OR LET US DO...

Test Your Website for Responsive Design

Responsive web design was first introduced to us by Ethan Marcotte in a 2010 post published on A List Apart entitled (as you might expect) Responsive Web Design. In the very same year – in fact, just a few weeks earlier – the iPad became the first of the current wave of mobile tablet devices to be released to the public, changing the way we surf the web and communicate with each other forever. Since then, responsive design has slowly become more widespread. But for the vast majority of people using the web, the term means nothing. They just want websites to render properly on their device. They don’t want to click on tiny hyperlinks that may or may not take them to the page they wanted, and they certainly don’t want to wait while a page rammed with resource-heavy code and imagery takes way too long to download. They want zippy, fast-loading pages that are easy to use, which is what you should get from responsive design Typically, there are four screen types: desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone. The exact dimensions for each varies wildly across manufacturers. Your site should look the same on each variant. Figuring that out sounds like fun, right? This one tests your site across six popular mobile device emulators, including the iPhone 5, HTC ONE and Google Nexus. To test a site, click on the device you’re interested in and enter the URL of the site/page you want to test. Within a few seconds the emulator retrieves the page on the device. Not only that, the page links and other data remains active, so you can browse the site via the emulator....

Optimizing & Speeding Up Your WordPress Site Tip #1

Setting up a cookie free domain Its better to serve the static contents from separate cookie free domain. Which speed up your website. This is because browser will consider both as a separate domain. The simplest way to create a cookie free domain in create a sub domain. By default what ever cookies created on main domain will be shared on sub domain also. But in wordpress we can define that only for which domain it should store the cookies. So it will not get shared on subdomain. Here are the steps for that: First create a subdoamin. like,, i generally use Now point this domain to the wp-content directory of the wordpress. Aftre doing this you need to edit the wp-config.php file which is located at the root of the wordpress. You need to add below code in your wp-config.php file. define(“WP_CONTENT_URL”, “”); define(“COOKIE_DOMAIN”,...

Your Mobile theme not responding with your forwarded domain…

Most likely the issue is a result of HOW your domain is being pointed to your URL..     THE FIX:: Go to your control panel or call them and change it to IPS Forwarding. It points the domain at IP address. Just that easy!     Domain Forwarding.. which is best?? Many people buy multiple domain names for the same website. For instance many businesses like to have the, .com and other variations of their domain name. This is useful if customers are manually typing your website address in and get it wrong, but it is also useful in stopping other people getting these domain names and using them to spam your customers. Another reason people often want multiple domain names pointing at the same website is because they have taken over a business or project with an existing website and want to forward the traffic from that site to their own. There are a variety of ways to do the forwarding process but the most common are altering CNAME records, URL Forwarding and Frame Forwarding. CNAME CNAME or canonical changes are done at the DNS level. When you try to visit a website, e.g. what you are actually trying to do is look at some files held on a server with an IP address like The DNS system keeps a list of domain names and IP addresses and uses this to point people to the correct servers. A CNAME change is made at this level. So that the DNS system knows that a request to visit should actually redirect peoples to which...

Facebook News Feed Tips

Facebook tries to show you what it thinks you like in your News Feed, based on your interactions with a Page or Profile. Unfortunately, this means if you rarely “like” or comment on posts, they’ll stop showing up in your News Feed.   If you are missing posts from your favorite Pages, here are some ideas to get them back in your News Feed:   Organically: Visit a Page you want to see posts from in your News Feed, and comment on or “like” a few of their posts. This will let FB know that you really ARE interested in what that Page has to offer, and cause posts to show up in your News Feed again. Notifications: Go to the Page you like best (this page, perhaps?) and click on the “LIKED” button at the top, then select “Get Notifications.” This way, you get a Notification when the page posts something, and you’ll never miss a post again! Interest Lists: These are located over on the left hand side of your Home page as a Bookmark. Click on Interests, then Add Interests, then Create List and enter the pages you want to include in the field, then follow the on-screen instructions. OR, you can do this by visiting the Page, click on the “Liked” button, select “Add to Interest List,” then add it to an existing list or create a new list. Option 1 is the easiest. Option 2 should be saved for the Pages you really REALLY like. Option 3 is fun, because you can organize all your Like pages into their own little mini News Feed....

Know when and where to use #Hashtags..

Know when and where to use #Hashtags..  Including hashtags in your social media posts can help people to find your content and follow the conversation, but they don’t work on every social network, and even if the functionality is supported, they might not be a fit for the culture. Tweets with hashtags get twice the engagement, but hashtags actually lower engagement for Facebook posts, and hashtags don’t work on LinkedIn at...

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